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Raggs is the puppy of the pack and the leader of the band A guitar twanging, lead singing, bundle of canine energy who really loves to rock 'n' roll.

In human years he's about 5, and the embodiment of the true puppy spirit. He's curious, enthusiastic, eternally optimistic, always ready to throw himself 100% into whatever new game, challenge or adventure.

Like all puppies, Raggs loves to play. He's not afraid of helping out around the clubhouse too but he can be easily distracted from his work if there is something more fun to do. Raggs is an enthusiastic tail chaser, a passionate flea scratcher and a compulsive sniffer. Any hint of a new scent will have his nose working overtime around the clubhouse trying to track down that smell.

Raggs is spontaneous and easily excited. He tends to leap before he looks and rarely, if ever, thinks things through. But despite this, Raggs is a great friend to everyone. He is affectionate, considerate and always goes out of his way to be as helpful as he can.